How the Grand Rapids Public Schools can save $3 to $5 Million in funds [an open letter]

Hello, Presently, Dr. Taylor and the Grand Rapids Public School Board are asking for parents and students to accept radical changes in the secondary teaching model for fall 2010. I …

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ArtPrize and Innovation: does Art need either one?

ArtPrize is upon us here in River City. For lo these many months, a topical condition has developed that I have come to call the ‘Dilemma of ArtPrize.’

It could be best described with these remarks: ‘Why are they doing it and what is it really for?” or “Hey ArtPrize: I really like what you are doing but you should do it this way” and of course “ArtPrize is great, why do you want it to fail, you must hate our city”.

So why does ArtPrize exist? Is it just ‘a radically open art competition, giving away the world’s largest art prize’? Is it only about viewing and voting for and against visual art in some neo-populist fashion? Is there more to it? What is the audacious, outrageous solution of ArtPrize?

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