The need for teacher tenure reform

My remarks, as submitted, May 2, 2011 to the Michigan State Senate Education Committee in support of proposed tenure reform legislation. An abridged version of these remarks were presented to the committee on May4, 2011 in Lansing, MI.

The importance of program leadership in public Montessori education

My remarks, as written, were presentedĀ  as a public comment made to the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education, Education Subcommittee, April 20, 2011:

Hello, I am Matthew Patulski, a GRPS Montessori parent and a member the GRPS Montessori Taskforce.

On behalf of the task-force parents, we want thank the district for executing the Montessori marketing survey. Without scooping the details, I just want to say it validates what we have known for along time: there is interest in Grand Rapids for a high performing, public Montessori High School. This interest transcends, income, race and region as long as there are Montessori trained staff teaching Montessori curriculum.

To do this, we must start at the top: Hire a dedicated Montessori Principal or Program Director…

The outcomes of the GRPS Montessori Taskforce

On April 11, 2011, I spoke during the public comment section of the Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) Board of Education meeting about the work of the GRPS Montessori Taskforce …

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B2B marketing+social media=P2P

On November 10, as part of a panel on video marketing at theĀ  AIMwest Midwest Social Media Confab in Grand Rapids MI, I outlined how we at Capgemini reach our …

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BAM: Open Source Digital Asset Managment hosted in the cloud

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in DAM:LA 2010, a professional conference for the Digital Asset Management community by Henry Stewart Events. I spoke about our work at Capgemini …

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