Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

Stumbled on this today while reading something else. Not necessarily my wheel-house but it might be yours:

Morningside Center works hand in hand with educators to help young people develop the values, personal qualities, and skills they need to thrive and contribute to their communities—from the classroom to the world.

A national leader in the field of social and emotional learning (SEL), Morningside Center has developed a range of research-based programs that improve students’ social and emotional intelligence—and their academic performance.

…and this is how you make something

Tom Waits, discussing his mistrust of then fashionable studio techniques while recording ‘Rain Dogs’ in 1984:

“If I want a sound, I usually feel better if I’ve chased it and killed it, skinned it and cooked it. Most things you can get with a button nowadays. So if I was trying for a certain drum sound, my engineer would say: “Oh, for Christ’s sake, why are we wasting our time? Let’s just hit this little cup with a stick here, sample something (take a drum sound from another record) and make it bigger in the mix, don’t worry about it.” I’d say, “No, I would rather go in the bathroom and hit the door with a piece of two-by-four very hard.”



Win, Win, Win, Win, Win …

IN 2008, Tom Friedman proposed taxing gas to keep the price at $4.00 a gallon 2008 at a time when it was $1.67 at the pump. It still makes a lot of sense:

“The two most important rules about energy innovation are: 1) Price matters — when prices go up people change their habits. 2) You need a systemic approach. It makes no sense for Congress to pump $13.4 billion into bailing out Detroit — and demand that the auto companies use this cash to make more fuel-efficient cars — and then do nothing to shape consumer behavior with a gas tax so more Americans will want to buy those cars. As long as gas is cheap, people will go out and buy used S.U.V.’s and Hummers.”

Reasons to Quit

Why are you doing this?
What problem are you solving?
Will it change behavior?

All good questions to ask at this time of the year when we are talking stock and thinking about what to do next. These questions were asked by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson in their book, “Rework”. Here are a few more:


Hey you, in the all-wheel drive Subaru on 3 Mile Road NE, going up the hill at about 8:25AM today. You there, using the approaching lane to pass the late model Honda spinning out on the ice, not able to make the crest.

How is the cell phone call going? Got enough bars?

The universe is coming for you. Maybe not today, but soon. Only a matter of time.